Different Times, Different Tactics

A lot has changed in the offshore industry, especially in the oil and gas sector. The bright future lost its shine and we have to look for other alternatives. In order to stay successful a new approach is needed. Staying flexible and inventive allows us to create opportunities, even at times like these. How? We fill you in on the details.

New Reality, New Tactics

Over the past years the offshore industry has seen some significant changes. The oil and gas sector has been affected by global economic turmoil, fierce competition and numerous price swings. Compared to a few years ago, today’s forecast looks completely different. In order to stay successful in this new reality, a change in tactics is crucial.

Finding Fitting Solutions

Instead of waiting for disaster to strike, we take matters into our own hands and find fitting solutions elsewhere. The capacities of employees previously working in the oil and gas sector can be used in various other area’s. Growing sectors like dredging and renewable energy can benefit from their valuable knowledge and skills.

Different Areas, Similar Skills

An example: an experienced engineer previously working on an oil platform, could nowadays be stationed at a project involving wind energy. The required expertise in both areas is very similar. In case no offshore project presents itself, a position in onshore infrastructure could be considered as an alternative.

Flexibility and Ingenuity

Operating in the oil and gas industry demands a certain degree of flexibility and ingenuity. Finding the right people for the right project is a challenge in today’s unstable market. It pays off to think outside the box and look for solutions elsewhere. It goes without saying that these are temporary options; as soon as the oil and gas market recovers, people should return to their preferred position in offshore projects.

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September 16, 2015 - Author: