Flexible Employees, Flexible Solutions

In recent years, the offshore industry saw an increase in the use flexible employees. Instead of hiring permanent staff themselves, organisations now select their employees per project. This project-based and fast-paced way of working asks for a flexible attitude from employees as well as their employers, but also from the recruitment agency. How to streamline the processes that ensure a safe and solid working relation?

Aligning processes

Experience teaches us that placing flexible employees involves a lot of time consuming work. Various processes are set into motion, often at different departments and sometimes even at different organisations. Often these processes are not fully aligned and the systems that are used are incompatible. Some information can not be shared efficiently, resulting in misunderstandings. This then causes unnecessary friction, which might slow down the entire procedure of placing a flexible employee on the assigned project.

Using modern technology

One of the benefits of these modern times are the accessibility of smart technology and its consumer friendly devices. Why not start using it then? Let’s take sharing important documents as an example. Previously, an employee had to sign upon reception of a physical document. Next, a written statement of understanding was asked. Whether the document had indeed been read and its content understood remained unclear. Nowadays, sharing a digital document within a secure environment is easier than ever. No need to stay in one location, since all you need is a mobile device. Several steps of the process can be closely monitored, like its confirmation upon receipt and the amount of time it takes to read the document. The understanding of its contents can be tested in a digital exam. These measurements are crucial for organisations dealing with security requirements. Departments responsible for safety can share this accurate data with a single click of a button.

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October 06, 2015 - Author: Dimitri Romijn