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New staffing agency for the offshore industry: Mr. James

Experienced entrepreneurs from offshore and staffing industries join forces

They are new. But experienced. They are different. But familiar.
They are modern. But with the romance of the past.
They are going international. But starting in the Netherlands.
They are the five of them. But call themselves Mr. JAMES,
A reference to the great legend of the offshore industry.
Meet the new offshore staffing agency.

A noteworthy name: Mr. JAMES
"Mr James is a legend in the offshore industry," says Henri Korsten, CEO of Mr. JAMES. "He was the personification of what offshore work is all about: leadership, team spirit, knowledge, experience, development and quality. It's a business of people who have a passion for technology and water. Mr James actually represents everyone working in the offshore world. Everyone working in the offshore industry knows a guy like Mr James. That is why we named our company after him."

An inspiring mission: work your dream

Mr James said he had lived as if in a dream and that his work was his passion and his life. He emphasized that the founders could only use his name under the condition that they would take good care of their people, help them in their career development and make sure they have fun. "We want to help our people by making their dream a reality," Korsten says passionately. "Our company slogan, 'work your dream' is based on this inspirational mission."

What Mr. JAMES creates: perfect matches
The new specialized offshore staffing agency Mr. JAMES distinguishes itself from other organizations by applying new technologies to the staffing process within organizations and departments. This makes everything run efficiently, effectively and smoothly. The company focuses on various segments of the offshore industry, including maritime shipping, renewable energy, crew management, oil & gas and dredging. Within these segments, the company focuses on various activities such as staffing, contracting, secondment, representation, and pay rolling. The company offers solutions in flexible employment. For Mr. JAMES, delivering the right employee is about finding the right, qualified person at the right time, for the right position and under the right conditions. "We will ensure that people who work in organizations develop themselves and perform," says Korsten. "That's why every time, we look for the perfect match between companies and people within the offshore industry, and carefully select the appropriate dream jobs for the right people. We believe in lasting relationships with both our clients and our people. This way of working means that we work on our own dream as well: making people proud and happy!"

Notes to the Editor

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September 01, 2015 - Author: Press