Field Engineer for Global Drilling Operations

International experienced Field Engineer

We are currently looking for a Field Engineer for one of our respected clients who are operating in the Oil & Gas industry. If you have the right personality and skills and if you have international experience, please feel free to apply!


  • Minimum 5 year's cased hole wireline experience
  • University degree in engineering or applied science
  • Fluent in English
  • Successfully completed the Skeetmeesters 2 stage exam for shot firers qualification
  • Experience must include:
    • mechanical services, perforating, plug and packers
    • Pipe recovery
    • Production logging, multifinger calipers, cement bond as a minimum
    • Pressure control knowledge and experience
    • Exposure to Slickline operations
  • Strong knowledge and experience of ballistic operations essential
  • Must have strong knowledge of downhole hydraulics principles and how and when to apply them
  • Must be fit for work and travel to any on / offshore sites in the world
  • Must be willing to travel and at short notice


Do you meet above mentioned recruirements? Please send your CV to

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