Gas Engineer (The Netherlands)

Gas Engineer (The Netherlands) 

For a large Dutch network company specialized in providing network infrastructure for energy companies, we are looking for Gas Engineer professionals. You go to work at the construction department of the company. Together with your colleagues you ensure safe and reliable energy transport of today and tomorrow. Your team creates infrastructures in the field of gas throughout the Netherlands. 

Job description:

You are both responsible for the preparation of projects and the completion when the project has been executed. You regularly consult with the project manager. You are and feel responsible for the progress, the costs and the quality of your projects. 

Job requirements :

* A completed technical MBO study program, preferably in the direction of Gas Technology. 
* At least 2 years of relevant work experience.
* Knowledge of underground infrastructures, cables / pipes.
* Affinity with energy distribution.
* Experience with project-based work. 

Working conditions: 

A challenging and very varied job at an organization that is in full development. Of course, an excellent salary is offered. There are also good secondary conditions of employment that you can put together yourself. Finally there are allowances available for education and training. 

Working Area:

Amsterdam, North Holland and Leiden region ( All in the Netherlands )

Screening policy:

Customer screens all applicants. Depending on the job, the screening consists of the following steps: checking references, testing the authenticity of identity papers and diplomas, conducting an integrity survey and requesting a statement about behavior. An assessment can be part of the application procedure.

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