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Quality, safety, expertise, flexibility and getting the job done. That's what the offshore industry is about. Technological developments happen one after the other. And rapidly. Projects are becoming increasingly complex.

Work your dream!

Work hard, play hard. Go for it, together. Roll up your sleeves to get the job done. Adventure, action and challenge. The offshore industry is your passion. Using your specific skills and technical knowledge, you want to work on complex projects worldwide. Mr. JAMES makes it all possible.

Latest news on Mr. James

Mr James Offshore Staffing Announcement

December 31, 2020

The board of directors of Mr James has decided to bundle its services into several business units.

Press Release

April 01, 2019

On April 1st, 2019, (no joke) Mr. Perry Schot has joined the team of Mr James.

Press Release

January 03, 2019

Mr. James starts a new service to support its clients: Mr. James Broker Services.

About Mr. James

It was 2010 when we first met Mr James. Probably the most inspiring person with the most impressive career in the offshore industry! He started as a junior clerk on an oil rig. Worked his way up, through various training courses, to a technical specialist and later, to various senior positions in the world.

Mr James was a man of the world. He knew what was going on. Over land and water. An engineer who knew what it is to just roll up his sleeves and get the job done! He sailed on all the great seas and worked for the most prestigious offshore companies. Had a vast knowledge of technology and experience with complex projects and processes. A tough, rugged man of adventure and challenges. A diamond in the rough.

He is a legend in the offshore industry. Everyone has heard of him and some may have had the honour of working with him. An engaging personality. Open, honest and sincere with his characteristic incisive humour. After our first meeting, we just knew. He was the personification of what offshore work is all about: leadership, team spirit, knowledge, experience, development and quality. It's a business with people who have a passion for technology and water. Mr James actually represents everyone working in the offshore industry. So we had to name our business after him!

During our last meeting with Mr James we presented our business plan. A high-quality, reliable, carefree, facilitating, informative and entrepreneurial company, with the best people, for the best people and businesses. We cherish the message he imparted to us: "I have lived as if in a dream. My work was my life. My passion. It has made me who I am today. A happy and proud man. Take care of your people. Help them in their careers and continue encouraging them in developing themselves, and having fun while working. It ensures pride and happiness. Help them realize that dream."

Based on these inspiring words we chose "work your dream" as our slogan. It is what drives us in everything we do. Ensuring that people who work in organizations develop themselves and have fun in their work. We always look for the perfect match between companies and people within the offshore industry. We carefully select the appropriate dream jobs for the right people. We believe in lasting relationships with both our clients and our people. This way of working means that we work on our own dream as well: making people proud and happy!

Maurice, Henri, Dimitri. Founders of Mr. JAMES.

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