Mr. James starts a new service to support its clients. As part of the Swets group, one of Netherlands' largest nautical service providers, Mr James Offshore Services has been supplying various services to the Offshore industry since 2014. From supplying crew and crew management for offshore purposes to complete connectivity solutions for on board vessels and offshore installations. Providing turnkey solutions for optimizing communication between people, departments and equipment to ensure optimal performance within projects. Mr. James has a fresh look at things and ready to assist the industry any way we can.

After a number of years of decline in the Offshore, we see a slow recovery. Supported by a rising oil price, we see the activities and projects increasing again. The negative sentiment is giving way to cautious optimism with a view to further recovery in our industry. Mr James is always looking for new services that add synergy benefit for both our clients and our company and give way for talented professionals who want to realize these ambitions.

On January 1, 2019, Mr. James starts offering a Broker service to the industry. Mr. Merijn Spijkers will join the team of Mr James. In his role as Partner and Senior Broker he will be responsible for the rollout of our new venture. Merijn has been working in the maritime sector for more than 12 years, with several years of experience as an offshore broker and therefore no stranger to the industry.

Broker service is not new within the Swets group. This new service however opens new markets and possibility’s.

Mr James Broker Services will be a new independent Broker with the focus on Marine Construction, Dredging, Renewable Energy, Ocean Towages and heavy transport. We will assist our clients pro-actively in order to let them sail the right course.

For further information please contact Mr. Merijn Spijkers at brokers@mrjames.com, Mr. Henri Korsten at hko@mrjames.com or Mr. Maurice Swets at msw@mrjames.com, +31(0)85 -0440085 or visit www.mrjames.com.

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January 03, 2019 - Author: Press